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  Equipped with excellent human resources as well as automatic program for gear design and reducer, Dongkyung Industry has been making its utmost efforts to meet diversified customers' needs.

Gear A single helical gear on parallel axis increases its engagement factor and prevents mechanical noise. High-durable steel is used for gear and it has high-strength and high-precision features.
Case It consists of upper and lower part for an easy maintenance and installation and is strongly designed by a casting and steel plate welding technique.
Axis It is designed to make it possible to maintain an accurate axial distance and support gear in worst operation conditions. It is made of first-class material and undergoes a suitable heat treatment.
Bearing Ball bearing or roller bearing is available according to load condition. In either case, bearing is appropriately selected so that it can have a maximum service life even in the greatest load condition.
Oil Seal Oil seal (KS-marked) is made of active material with excellent oil and abrasion resistance. It is of dual interruption structure with coil spring wound inside, which can prevent penetration of foreign/dirty substances and leakage of oil.
Lubrication It is designed for gear and bearing to be well lubricated, and a forced lubrication mode is available by oil pump in a special operation condition.
Cooling In case of lacking rated heat capacity, oil pan or oil cooling unit is available.

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