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First of all, I would like to extend my thanks to all of you who continue to offer a hearty support and encouragement to Dong Kyung Industry. We have been devoted to power transmission equipment/parts production and precision machining business since setting out to do business in January 1977. With processing Know-How, expertise and experiences accumulated for the last thirty years, we could actualize high-quality, high-productivity and low-cost production to meet up with the requirements of competitive industrial society, and we continue to make all our efforts and commitment on advancement and upgrading of machine parts. The technology level of the world, not to mention Korea, is rapidly changing. To cope with a rapid change of technology in a timely and active way, Dong Kyung concentrates on new technological development, business diversification, and top-notch quality and service. We will keep a sustained effort to satisfy customers and contribute to our community through what we can do best in this field, and give thought to a hearty advice and recommendation that you are willing to extend to Dong Kyung Industry.

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